Great products that are healthier & tastier than the competition

Take advantage of the opportunity to capitalise on the phenomenal growth in the fast food industry with a great brand.

About Country Chicken franchises

How to add value to your business and increase turnover;
Presenting… The Tastiest Business Opportunity in the Food Industry Today! Country Franchising is a fried chicken concept, involved in the fast food industry.

What are the benefits of becoming a Country Chicken Franchisee?

Franchising throughout the world has proven to be the safest option for owning your own small business. You will run and own your business but with the continued support of the franchise company.


One of the most important elements of running a successful business is good planning. Country Chicken is passionate about planning and as part of our system we will assist and train the franchisees in business planning and budgeting.

As a prospective franchisee, it is important that during your due diligence you create a business plan and assess your potential profitability. Country Chicken will assist you with the following:

  • Proforma business plan
  • Proforma profit and loss cash flow projection sheet
  • History of actual restaurant performance
  • Indicative expenses

Using these disciplines, you will be able to calculate your potential profitability.

The extent of your profitability and return on investment is up to you, we can supply you the tools that you need, but your return on investment is directly related to your effort and skills. We have a proven and successful business model, how successful you make your franchise lies in your hands. However, our Area Development Managers will be on hand to assist you in the monitoring and checking of your business plans, helping you to ensure that you are on track, or if you need to make tactical changes.

Country Chicken provide the formula for a successful business

Franchise Training and Support

The following training and support is provided by Country Chicken National Office:
  • Initial in-store training program.
  • Ongoing training at regular intervals.
  • Operations and Training Manuals.
  • Regular visits from our Area Development Manager who will provide advice and assistance.

A Desire To Succeed

Country Chicken provide the formula for a successful business and you can be confident in the concept, but as ever in franchising, the responsibility for success rests in your hands which will be achieved through compliance to the system, quality management, good planning and the will to succeed.

With this in mind it only then leaves you with a decision of - "What kind of small business should I be in?"

The answer:  A small business which has a proven successful business model and one that you can be passionate about.
Country Chicken can offer you the proven successful model if you have the passion and will supply you with everything you need to build a successful and profitable business including
  • Training - Initial start up and ongoing
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Detailed systems from food preparation to delivery
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • HR Management ​
  • Field Support
  • IT and Operational Systems
  • Group Purchasing
  • Group Marketing
  • Pro-forma planning templates
  • Store Fit Out