A Recipe For Success…

Founded in 1994 by Peter Austin Country Fried Chicken opened its first outlets in Queensland, Australia

Working in sales after selling his previous business Peter found himself representing companies that did not share his view of the importance of after sales service for his customers.

He felt that the only way to ensure his values were reflected was to start his own company again, having had a previous history of successful business ownership and management in manufacturing, import and export as well as sales consultancy and headhunting.

His mission was to create a non-greasy fried chicken product with a unique taste so as to ensure repeat business. This was accomplished and the product has been widely accepted wherever it is on sale with many glowing comments.

Recognising the need to speed up the production in order the give consumers a shorter wait time Peter developed new ideas he had been working on for nearly 10 years.

The new Country Chicken Burger Bar offers speedier cook times and enhanced flavour leading to greater customer satisfaction. The new offer is backed by Directors with many years’ experience in business and fast food.

Peter lives in Australia and has lived in the UK, New Zealand, Russia, Greece and Dubai.