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Country Chicken

Country Fried Chicken
Country Chicken


elcome to Country Chicken! Country Chicken is an Australian premier fast food franchise opportunity a complete turn key fast food restaurant concept tailored to suit any country and any market conditions.
Developed in 1994, it now has more than 450 outlets around the globe and well established in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Russia, Fiji and others..

Country Chicken is positioned in the market place as a premium quality product, priced to be affordable for everyone, and delivers a mix of products to satisfy the whole family’s taste and dietary needs. A one stop shop – Country Chicken offers a variety of chicken products, burgers and subs, wraps and sandwiches as well as fish products and broad pizza menu.

Country Chicken outlets are geared to provide quick and convenient service in a clean and vibrant environment..

It's all about the food...

"Country" brand products and menus are becoming famous for being tastier and healthier and represent real value against all competitive fast food products in the marketplace. Country Fried Chicken & Pizzas, Country Chicken fried and roasted dishes; all feature unique flavours that once discovered keep people coming back for more.

Country Chicken products are not greasy or saturated in fatty oils - they are "Crisp & Light with a Taste Just Right" - But don't just take our word for it, you must try it yourself.

Do you have what it takes to join our "Country" family?

Right now is the very best time to become part of "Country" brands growth, with national and international expansion, a range of available area franchises and product licensing opportunities and of course the right retail products. To find out more on small or large business opportunities please contact us today with your details and we will provide you with some exciting information.

Peter Austin